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4 little girls

4 little girls

Added 29/4/2012


Related article: From: zz (Loco) Subject: Re: sexy little nymphs catching ROOMMATES masturbating Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 10:39:05 -0500 Organization: University of Wisconsin, MadisonI actually did walk in on my roommate last semester. My class got out early, and when I got back to my room, I must have opened the door pretty quickly, because here was my rommate, Alex, sitting on his futon, trying desperately to pull up his pants and hide what he was doing. He said "Hey Kevin," and I told him he should just go ahead and finish, that it would make the whole situation less uncomfortable. He acted a little nervous, but then jokingly said "only if you'll join me!" He was pretty surprised when little nudes thumbs I said I would, but offered me some of the hand lotion he was using. We both pulled our pants down, and I sat down next to him on his futon. As I was stroking my cock, I noticed that he kept looking over at me, and at my throbbing meat. He slowly reached his hand over and put it on my dick and started to jack me off. I was pretty excited by no, and reached over and reciprocated. We jacked each other off for a few minutes, and managed to cum at almost the same time. Crazy, huh?
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